February 22, 2018
Marriott Marquis, New York
Live master class
Jordan Belfort
Straight Line
A 1-day live sales training
led by Jordan Belfort
where you will learn how to increase your
closing rate by at least 40% - 100%!
A Few Things You
Will Discover:
  • Become a top-producer in your field, regardless the industry
  • Learn how to use the Straight Line System to close anyone who’s closable
  • Master the inner game of sales success
  • Learn the surefire formula that creates a massive stream of referrals
  • Learn it all with a 100% money back guarantee
I created this 1-day intensive training
so you can dramatically increase your closing rate, shorten
your sales cycle, and generate a massive stream of customer referrals.
In short, my goal is to help double your gross sales commissions,
the first year out
Spend 1 full day with

Jordan Belfort

the world's #1 sales trainer And creator

of the Straight Line System
Your training will be customized to directly match your own SALES DNA, which will be identified using the industry’s first scientifically proven sales- psychologyprofiling-index, the JBSCI.
  • Your 4 strongest sales competencies — and how to access them in every sale, so every day becomes your best day
  • Your 4 weakest sales competencies — and how to instantly shore them up, using the Straight Line system
  • What makes you "tick" as a salesperson — and how to harness those powerful, innergame forces that allow you to be the best you can possibly be
  • A step-by-step action plan for your specific industry that will increase your closing rate 40% - 100%
Jordan’s 1-day Straight Line Boot Camp is created around 7 essential pillars that make up the Straight Line Sales and Persuasion System. This training is designed to ensure that you can immediately implement the system in your own industry, and increase your closing rate by at least 40%
About the speaker

After his spectacular rise and fall — chronicled in his two bestselling memoirs, The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street — Jordan is now the global leader in the sales training industry, where he uses his proprietary Straight Line System to take salesmen from all over the world, at all levels of experience, and turn them into top producers in their fields.

Over a ten-year period, he used the Straight Line System to personally train over 13,000 stockbrokers, the bulk of whom had little or no prior sales experience, and turned turned them into top-producers in the industry.

His life-story has been turned into a major motion picture, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese, and is set to be released on November.

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Your upcoming great business may be sitting next to you. Networking is your key to accomplish it. Develop your professional relationships and boost your future business and employment prospects during this one day event. Share your experiences with more than 2,200 participants at Jordan Belfort’s Master class in sales.
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